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Lost & Found


Losing a much loved pet is a very traumatic and heartbreaking experience. If you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation, we hope the following information will help you get reunited with your pet.

What we can do to help

We will register your pet on our Lost & Found records.  Please email us providing:-

  • Date and approx time last seen
  • Road and postcode missing from
  • Name of your pet
  • Whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit or other animal and what breed it is
  • Whether it is male or female, neutered and microchipped
  • Colour and any distinctive features

We are more than happy to post your pet as lost on this website and on Branch Facebook and Twitter.  To do so, we require your authorisation and a contact phone number or email address we can publish for members of the public to contact you on.   We are also happy to publish a photograph of your pet, with your authorisation, if this is provided.

What you can do

 Lost Dogs

 Lost Cats

  • Local catteries
  • Local animal rescue centres
  • Your local vets.  Do check with them whether they operate their own out of hours service as you may need to contact the vet they use.
  • Cat Chat – Cat Chat
  • Bromley Cats Protection – Bromley Cats Protection


If you have found an animal, please read the following:

  • Is it a healthy animal that you believe may have an owner?  Try the contacts detailed in the Lost section.
  • Is it a sick or injured animal?  Ring the RSPCA NCC 0300 1234 999.  Lines open 24/7.
  • Is it healthy stray animal?   See below.

 Found a stray dog:

  • Try asking your local vet to scan the dog for a microchip
  • Contact the Dog Warden service for London Borough of Bromley 020 8313 4830

 Found a stray cat, we recommend you;

  • Try to ascertain if the cat is definitely a stray by checking with neighbours or asking your local vet to scan the animal for a microchip.
  • If the cat will let you approach it then you could also fit a paper collar with a note asking the owner to contact you.  See the example at the following link: PAPER CAT COLLAR
  • If you cannot catch the cat please ring the RSPCA NCC 0300 1234 999.







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